Gino's East Chicago Pizza

Since 1966, Gino's East of Chicago has been serving up legendary deep-dish pizza to Chicagoans and worldwide visitors at their landmark downtown Chicago eatery.

Generations of patrons have written their names & noted special moments on the walls which remain today. Lovers of Gino's "authentic" Chicago deep-dish pizza savor the abundance of fresh ingredients, cheeses, spices, signature pizza sauce and famous golden brown crust.

Now you can enjoy that same eating experience with Gino's East frozen deep-dish pizza, just don't write on the walls at home.

We hope you'll enjoy all the delicious varieties of Gino's East of Chicago authentic deep-dish pizza now available in your grocers freezer.

Nostalgic Food Distributors, Inc. is a Chicago land based, privately held small business bringing famous food products in various categories to retail and foodservice venues through licensing brands and new product development.

For individuals and/or companies seeking to bring new product(s) to retail or foodservice, Nostalgic Food Distributors, Inc., offers independent food product development including contract manufacturing, packaging development, procurement, marketing programs, promotional and ad planning, retail and/or foodservice entry, all levels of distribution, shelf maintenance and overall brand management.
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